“Ten Life Changing Lessons” by Winsome Campbell-Green

There are books that inspire and causes us to grow; such a book is my focus today;  it is called “Ten Life Changing Lessons,” by Winsome Campbell-Green. Without giving away too much information, I would like to point out a few highlights. First, each chapter is a lesson.  This is impressive because it imparts meaning to what the book entails itTen Life Changing Lessons shows insight.  I also appreciate the questions at the end of the each lesson, which allows you to reflect and develop as a person. The first lesson in the book is called “Forgive immediately,” within the lesson she shows us that “forgiveness means freeing yourself.” Sometimes forgiveness can be difficult to attain but as Winsome points out, “life is short,” therefore it is not worth it to hold grudges. I feel this is extremely important especially with the people we love because tomorrow is an uncertainty. By placing, that lesson first shows us the value of what really matters – the people in our lives. Another interesting point is the statement, “most intelligent people use simple words but big statements,” this is so true; we do not have to be walking dictionaries to make a point. I also appreciate the statement, “only you know what you want to become.” Some people may look to others to define their dream, but you have to know what is right for you. Another important aspect is the statement, “rather than telling people who you are show them.” This continues to prove true, no matter what you say, people will see who you are. The last point I am going to stress is “Living your passion could eventually have you employing those who once said you could not do it.” This is a great statement, when others are putting us down, it feels great to prove them wrong, and employing them would leave them speechless.

The entire book is beneficial. It has a very positive message. I would recommend it to everyone, especially high school and college students. “Ten Life Changing Lessons” is practical and concise, it is a special gift that Winsome Campbell-Green bestows upon on us and I hope everyone enjoys it.

Please tell me what do you enjoy about “Ten Life Changing Lessons,” I would like to hear from you. Happy reading!


2 thoughts on ““Ten Life Changing Lessons” by Winsome Campbell-Green

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the very interesting review. To be quite honest with you, I had never hear of Wimsome Campbell-Green, but your review has given the desire to purchase and read it.

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